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Principaux ingrédients

Tonal Concealing Pigments

Micro-fine, light reflecting pigments last all the way until your next wash.

Orange and Tangerine Peel Oil

Helps to create a natural shine.

Vitamine E

Keeps the pigments true to colour in and out of the can.

Cationic Polymer

Helps the pigments to adhere where needed, and provides gloss and shine.



A root touch-up spray with a dry, satin finish to quickly and discreetly colour hair and blend or cover greys between colour services. A lightweight, fine mist spray with micro-fine pigments that conceal with no flakiness or residue. Available in BLACK, DARK BROWN, LIGHT BROWN and AUBURN.

How to use: Shake well and spray a light mist evenly and lightly onto desired area. For more coverage, layer the mist to create a stronger coverage on the hair.

Benefits: Lightweight, Satin Finish, Natural Shine, Tonal Colour Results with COLOR.ME, Fast Drying




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