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Découvrez comment nous nous engageons à protéger notre planète au travers d'initiatives à visée écologique.

La philanthropie et le cœur de KM

Voici comment nous nous employons chaque jour à soutenir des œuvres caritatives qui travaillent sur des questions humanitaires et environnementales fondamentales.

Plastique recyclé des océans

Learn about our commitment to recycled ocean waste plastic.


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KEVIN.MURPHY Company Policy on Animal Testing

At KEVIN.MURPHY we are committed to developing high performance quality products in compliance with current regulations. In EU animal testing on finished cosmetic products and their ingredients are prohibited also when performed outside the EU. 

During development the newest scientific knowledge and carefully chosen ingredients are combined with thorough testing by professional hairdressers and result in products which are safe for their intended use. 

Therefore KEVIN.MURPHY products and the ingredients used are not subjected to animal testing and never will be on our behalf.

It is important to note that some raw materials may have been tested on animals also for other industries like pharmaceuticals, however KEVIN.MURPHY does not and will not ever need animal testing to be done to evaluate the safety of our products.